Winter Watering -Winter 2017/2018   

Drought conditions stress our landscapes and make it challenging for shrubs, trees, and lawns to survive pest and disease infestation.  Therefore, we ALWAYS encourage you to drag out your hoses and water your trees, lawn, and shrubs during dry and windy winter months, on days when the temperature is above 50 degrees.

Why is this important?  Because during winter months, trees and shrubs are storing up the nutrients they will need for the next growing season.  If there is no moisture present in the soil, it makes it hard for the roots to take up the water they need to create these vital nutrients.

     *All deciduous trees will benefit from a deep root soaking around their drip lines...the circle that equals the diameter of your tree's canopy.

     *Evergreens take up a high percentage of their moisture through their needles, and benefit greatly from a bathing of the needles

     *Don't forget your lawn!  A quick hosing down on warm winter days will go a long way in stimulating root growth.


May 15th, 2018

The next few weeks will be the peak period for Honey Bee Swarms.  For those people that live in the areas of Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, and Greeley you can contact the Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association Swarm Hotline at 970-658-4949 to collect swarms.

Fireblight in Pome Fruits and Mountain Ash Trees

July 2018-We are seeing a higher than normal incidence of Fire Blight in fruit and Mountain Ash Trees trees.  Fire Blight is a bacterial disease that spreads rapidly during rainy, windy, and warm spring seasons as trees are producing their flower blossoms.

This Bacterial Disease presents as dead leaves and fruit on the ends of dead or crooked branches.  Branch die back and plant death can ultimately result.

While Fire Blight is extremely difficult to treat, you can take steps to prevent the further spread of this disease by keeping all dead and dropped leaves, branches, twigs, or fruit off of the ground.  Having your trees antiseptically pruned of infected branches during the winter months when trees are dormant, and by establishing healthy tree care practices such as winter watering programs.  Winter watering is especially important for the ability of your trees to fight off pests and disease, as the winter months are when trees store up the nutrients they will need for the next year's growing season. Trees need water to store up nutrients.

You can read more about Fire Blight by clicking on this link.

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Got Brown Spots???  June 25th, 2018

It is common for Kentucky Blue Grass lawns to develop patches of brown areas during hot summer months when our air temperatures start climbing to 80+ degrees.  These brown patches are frequently the result of a common lawn leaf blight called ASCOCHYTA.  Ascochyta plagues Kentucky Blue Grass when the temperature of the soil is not regulated.

The best way to combat the leaf blight of Ascochyta is to regulate your turf soil temperature by adding a mid afternoon watering cycle to your watering regimen.  On days when the temperature is expected to reach 80+ degrees, we encourage you to water for a period of time where the water can soak in to a depth of 3 inches.  Adherence to this change in watering practices, during our hot summer months, can go a long way in helping your Kentucky Blue Grass to overcome Ascochyta infiltrations.

You can click on this link to read more about Ascochyta...or call Christi at 970-223-4772 if you have further questions and desire to chat!